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Fashion is XXL. Fall for our new handcrafted signet rings adorned with semi-precious natural stones.

A guaranteed fashion look!

To wear alone, or in accumulation, the signet ring is THE key piece of this summer!

The signet ring is an ancient piece of jewelry that was once worn to represent the family coat of arms. This jewel, full of symbols and traditions, is today a real fashion item, essential.

Although in our time, the signet ring can be worn as desired, if you are committed to respecting traditions, here is how to best wear your signet ring.

Wearing your signet ring on your index finger was once a sign of power. This custom is no longer present, but the wearing of the signet ring on the index finger is nonetheless original and elegant.


Traditionally, the elders of the family place the signet ring on the left ring finger, along with their wedding ring.

If you don't want to charge your finger, you can wear it on your right ring finger.

Younger people usually wear their signet rings on the right little finger.

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