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Spoil your daddy with the perfect gift! A bracelet that he can wear every day and that he will keep over the years.

Depending on your style, opt for a rigid 925 silver bangle or an adjustable bracelet in pearls and natural stones.

The silver bangle

Chic and elegant, the silver bangle is a dressy jewel and an everyday jewel.

To wear alone or accompanied!

The bangle is a jewel of character, which will be highlighted on its own, but which will go wonderfully with other bracelets.

more fanciful and more colorful. So dare the mixtures.

The team's favorite?

A mix composed of a 925 silver bangle and an agate and lava pearl bracelet.

The adjustable pearl bracelet

Easy to wear with its adjustable sliding knot, the pearl bracelet is a fashion staple today.

Both young and trendy, it brings a fashionable and masculine side to the wrist. You can choose a harmony of stones, wood or pearls, or center the composition around a

strong symbol like the eye brings good luck, the scarab or the skull.

The team's favorite?

An accumulation of 2 bracelets by mixing stones, pearls and symbols.

Our adjustable bracelets adapt to the size of the wrist thanks to a sliding knot.

Find our men's collection in our jewelry stores in Cannes, Nice, Aix en Provence and Lyon.

If you order online, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via the online chat for advice as in store :)

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