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Signature collection, discover our collection in 18 carat 750 thousandths gold and natural tourmalines.

Delicacy, transparency, and reflections, this is what characterizes these elegant stones!

Unique pieces, cut and faceted by hand by our best partner craftsmen, our tourmaline collection will give you sparkle for any occasion.

To wear alone, in an accumulation of 2, or in combination with your usual jewelry.


ZOOM on tourmaline


Tourmaline: Semi-precious stone from the silicate family. This stone has a pale appearance and can be of various colors: The very shiny black tourmaline can sometimes present blue, green or brown shades. Afghan Tourmaline, for example, will be pale green and peach. Tourmaline deposits are mainly found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Thailand, Angola and Burma.

Virtues: Tourmaline is also called Ceylon magnet, it has electrical properties it protects homes against bad natural or technological waves (telephone, wifi, waves, etc.). It promotes self-confidence and increases the energy channel.

Astrological signs: Tourmaline can be suitable for all astrological signs depending on the color of the stone. For example Aries is helped by green tourmaline and a Libra person will be more sensitive to pink tourmaline.

The plus: Tourmaline is used in hair straighteners to remove static electricity that causes frizz and is therefore absorbed by the stone.

This collection is available on our website, and moves to our official stores at random. Do not hesitate to come and try them!

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