Do you know your ring size?

First of all, a little advice to get started, if you are hesitating between two sizes for your ideal ring or for a gift, prefer the larger size.

How to measure your ring?

1. Take a tape measure or a wire. Let's go !

2. Mark your starting point with a dot or a line on the wire or tape measure.

3. Go around your finger.

4. Mark the closing of the circle with a dot.

5. Almost there :) Measure the distance in millimeters between your starting point and your end point. This

measurement corresponds to the diameter of the ring.

6. Here you are with your measure! Now you have to find its correspondence in the table below.

7. You are ready to choose the perfect rings for all your fingers!


Our necklaces are adaptable to your tastes and your desires to wear them. Thus, they are composed of a part that is not adjustable and another part that allows you to adjust it as you wish.

This is how we offer you three main sizes:


We have a "short" necklace with a length of 36 cm that can be adapted up to 42cm (including 6cm of adjustable comfort chain). This allows you to adjust it according to your desires and your outfits. The latter can be worn as a choker or necklace.

Find our collection of chokers by clicking HERE


We also offer 42cm necklaces that can be adjusted up to a maximum of 48cm (including 6cm of comfort chain).

Find all our necklaces HERE


Finally the last necklace also called "long necklace" measures 56cm and can reach 62cm (including 6cm of comfort chain).

Find all our long necklaces HERE

We also offer fully adjustable collars, that is to say they are on cords and can be adjusted the way you want with a sliding knot.

Find all our cord necklaces HERE



We have adjustable bracelets with sliding knots and chain bracelets.


Our adjustable bracelets are suitable for children, women and men. You simply slide the knot by pulling the end of the thread to adjust the size to your liking.

Find here all our adjustable bracelets by style :

Thin thread

Beads bracelets

Cord bracelets

Vinyle bracelets




All our chain bracelets have a fixed part of 15cm and an adjustable comfort chain of 3cm. They are suitable for wrist from 15cm to 18cm.


Find here all our chain bracelets