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The main mission of the white angels is to protect men by acting as invisible spirits. Angels are present in all religions, be it the Catholic religion, Islam or even the Jewish religion. White angels have the particularity of being associated with the will of God and divine energies.


The tree of life is therefore the symbol of the death-resurrection cycle where life and immortality always trump death. With its roots firmly planted underground and its branches pointing towards the sky, it symbolizes the link between the terrestrial world and the beyond.


Buddha is a word that comes from the Sanskrit language and means "an awakened one". A Buddha is a person who has achieved spiritual enlightenment which brings liberation from suffering.


Cowry shells, otherwise known as “Kaparda Kapardita” are frequently associated with women and associated with fertility. The cowrie can also serve as a protective talisman because it was used in defensive magic, particularly in the Maldives Islands.


The key is symbol of understanding. The key is also associated with paradise and to own it is to access eternal life.


The heart is above all the symbol of love, but also of feelings, emotions and intuition. In the past, and almost in all cultures, it was believed that the soul sat in the heart of man.


The crocodile is a fierce primitive animal. It symbolizes strength, patience and speed. It also makes the connection between water and land.


The shark tooth is a highly prized amulet in Cambodia. Wearing one of these teeth allows the wearer to appropriate his strength. More than protecting from the evil eye, the shark's tooth scares him away.


The elephant, in the broadest and universal sense, is a symbol of strength and power, not only physical but also mental and spiritual. It evokes wisdom, prosperity and patience


The star is a celestial body. Most often, they have five or six branches. It is a very widespread sign which symbolizes vitality, beauty and destiny.


The Star of David is the symbol of Judaism. It is a six-pointed star (or hexagram), composed of two superimposed triangles. Originally, this figure was surely used as an ornament or as a magic sign. Moreover, in the Middle Ages, the hexagram was considered a magic sign to ward off demons. This star was therefore not necessarily linked to Judaism.


In the Hindu religion Ganesh is considered a God who removes obstacles, the God of wisdom, education, prudence, intelligence, and the head of schools and scholars. He is particularly recognizable by his elephant head.



The Indian head is associated with values ​​such as protection and respect. It can be the symbol of the chief or perhaps the parent who is responsible for his family (the tribe). Symbols can be associated with it such as feathers or dreamcatchers.


The word infinite derives from the Latin infinitas which means without border. It spiritually symbolizes the connection between the physical and the spiritual, where the central point will represent the portal between the two worlds. More generally, the infinite symbol represents the limitless love for a person.


The moon, whose appearance changes with its movement, gives it an archetypal cyclical aspect. She therefore speaks to us of life, birth, growth, old age, death… and rebirth.


This holy hand would be the representation of that belonging to the daughter of the prophet Muhammas and mother of all believers. It brings good luck and protects against disease. Most often represented with an eye in his palm, it keeps the evil eye away.


Otherwise called "Nazar Boncuk", this Turkish amulet aims to protect the wearer against the evil eye. It is the symbol of the envious and jealous gaze and therefore serves to protect material goods, it is often placed at the entrance of houses and shops.


The peace and love symbol is an expression in the English language meaning "peace and love". It was used as a sign of recognition in the 1960s by the hippies.


Symbol of the traveler, once helped sailors to find their way according to the direction of the wind. It indicates the 4 cardinal points and the 4 intermediate points materialized by 8 winds. On the spiritual level, the compass rose represents the union of opposing energies, it brings harmony and coherence to what was disunited.


The snake is a symbol of immortality and rebirth. Quetzalcoatl, or "Feathered Serpent", in Aztec culture, was a god of death, but also of the Renaissance. It represents the cycle of life.


The scarab is the symbol of the sun. He was also a symbol of resurrection.


The sun is a symbol of life and creation; it represents the manifested divinity, source of light. Its eternal fire gives it, as with Alchemical gold, an idea of ​​immortality.


Otherwise called "calavera", a skull is the symbol of the day of the dead in Mexican and Hispanic culture. This symbol combines both respect for the elders and also the "rebellious attitude" which proves courage for the wearer.


The four-leaf clover is a symbol of luck by its rarity added to the number 4 which is a sign of fullness, it brings good luck to whoever finds it.


Numbers are symbols with many meanings, first of all that of our birth or an important day in the calendar. There are also lucky numbers like 13 and in China it's 8 that brings good luck and wealth.


The signs of the zodiac are the representations of our dates of birth. In the Western calendar each month a different sign that is calculated in relation to the different moons, there are 12 per year.