Une porte sur 2 continents

Hi Nathalie, you hold the blog une porte sur deux continents to date by posting articles and photos about your multiple trips but not that you also talk there of beauty, culture, fashion, boutique, cinema ...

Tell us about yourself, your blog and your projects

I live in the Montreal area in Quebec where I work freelance in the communications environment including my travel blog that is increasingly at the center of my activities. I offer my heart strokes of places in North America to Europe with a guiding line: positive findings. I also visit a lot of hotels and restaurants on either side of the ocean to discover them and to my readers to share with them my best finds. I call my invitations travel tickets, in words and images. My goal is to inspire and give wanderlust, but also to track the softness and sparkling, or elsewhere in the world in his own city.

Practical information, everyone can find in the guide books. So I put more on impressions and emotions related to a place or a meeting. This is what I want to convey in all my tickets. If I love traveling, I qualify as "sedentary nomadic", does not always imagining myself on the road. It must in my opinion sometimes arise in order to enjoy even more the next trip, not to mention that I also love the pampering and Quebec lends itself so well.

sélection de produits luckyteam

What are your favorite products?

The bracelet 3 rounds with Indian pendant Lucky Team seduced me a lot. The type of jewelry that can instantly adopts so it should with any outfit. Otherwise, I find that the satin bracelets with positive messages are a great way to boost and bring a little something original in its look.

bracelet luckyteam

Which LuckyTeam sentence do you prefer?

I like the phrase "Vivre libre et heureux" that is listed on one of my satin bracelets LuckyTeam. It is a simple message, but that is the engine of my life. Freedom and happiness; two allies we should always keep close to his heart.